Performance + 3D

The Ceramics area focuses on the creative and expressive use of clay through a broad range of approaches including installation, performance, mixed media, and large-scale commission sculpture. Students can explore ceramics through sculptural, painterly, or functional applications. The immediacy of working with clay allows it to be a unifying material which can quickly move from idea to object, allowing ceramics to operate at an intersection of media and processes. An in-depth ceramic experience will reinforce practical connections and aesthetic perspectives applicable to all artistic pursuits.                                                

Facilities include nearly a dozen kilns (gas, raku, and soda-fired) including a kiln capable of firing pieces up to 6 feet tall, a full glaze room, throwing wheels, and free, recycled clay provided to students working in this area.

Sample classes include:
Narrative Works in Clay
Images on Clay
Glaze Development and Firing
From Mind to Matter

Faculty in the Performance + 3D area

The Metals area focuses on the direct study of sculptural processes and all that occurs in the visual language of three-dimensional art. Courses offer an in-depth study of the technical and aesthetic development of metals. Students develop professional skills through hands-on work, technical demonstrations, critiques, and exploration of both traditional and contemporary metals. Weekly events include critiques, demonstrations, field trips, and presentations by artists.

Facilities include individual bench facilities, a forging and metalsmithing area, gravity and centrifugal casting equipment, a lapidary, polishing equipment, and enameling facilities.

Sample classes include:

Casting and Mold Making
Outsourcing and Digital Tools
Plastered, Melted, Burned: Introduction to Casting
Advanced Jewelry Studio
Body and Object
The Multiple

Faculty in the Performance + 3D area

Performance courses help students to develop their own voice in creating live, time-based art. The content focuses on solo work based in the visual, but also allows students to engage in an interdisciplinary practice incorporating other media. Courses familiarize students with a range of approaches to developing original performance work, improve technical production skills, and introduce theories and history of performance. Students are encouraged to experiment with different performance techniques and performance structures and to examine the relationship between audience and artist.

Facilities include a large performance space available for staging and documenting work as well as access to a wide array of photographic, video, sound, and fabrication tools.

Sample classes include:
Social Engagement
Beginning Performance Workshop
Exhibition of Performance
Video performance
Humor and Performance

Faculty in the Performance + 3D area

The Sculpture area encourages flexible, creative sculptural responses as informed by individual experience. Courses aim to use sculpture as a medium that encourages an open exchange of ideas, facilitates communications, and nurtures discovery through play and research. Courses also introduce computer-aided design with a fabrication component to facilitate the conception and transformation of sculptural concepts from the cyber world to the real world. Critiques and discussions are a major part of all studio courses. All students are encouraged to explore all areas of the school as sculpture is an inclusive practice.

Welding facilities include eight oxy-acetylene stations, four arc welders, one heliarc, three MIGs, one plasma arc cutter, a horizontal and a vertical band saw, drill press, a gas forge, and a jump shear and finger break.

The wood shop is fully equipped with lathes, band and table saws, a joiner, planer, sanders, air-powered chisels and grinders, and portable tools and equipment.

The plaster studio provides supplies and materials to make plaster piece molds and rubber as well as work in direct plaster.                                                                                                                         

Sample classes include:
Digital Design and Fabrication
Sonic Forms
Down, Dirty, and Dimensional
Relational Objects

Faculty in the Performance + 3D area