Fall 2013 Classes and Workshops   

Studio Art Classes + Workshops
September 3–December 13, 2013

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Introduction to Drawing
Heidi Hogden
Three Weeks (November 5–19)
Tuesdays 6:30–9:45 pm
DRW 1074-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $180.00
Have you always been interested in drawing, but never really knew how to get started? In a supportive environment you will be introduced to some of the foundational drawing tools and methods including line, shape, value, proportion and composition through in-class drawing exercise and demonstrations. You will develop your technical skills with graphite, charcoal and ink and your observational skills by drawing from life.

Fashion Lab
Judy Blotnick
Weekend Workshop (November 16–17)
Saturday 9 am–4 pm, Sunday 1–4 pm
CRX 1010-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $150.00
2013 has seen a new emphasis on creativity in the fashion industry, with customers willing to pay a premium for one-of-a-kind, highly original merchandise. This workshop is designed for artists interested in fashion and for professionals looking to jumpstart their own artistic impulses. Time will be spent on projects that do not require sewing skills; there will be lectures on the state of fashion today and its relationship to art; and discussion of how to profit from loving both.

Introduction to Performance
Cathy McLaurin
Weekend Workshop (November 16–17)
Saturday 9 am–4 pm, Sunday 1–4 pm
PER 1015-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $150.00
In this practice-based workshop you will explore the possibility of developing deep insight into different views of performance art. Creative exercises introduce the main topics of performance art; the space-body-relation, the meaning and function of time and the concept of the "other." You will learn about a variety of approaches to performance action through individual and group exercises and be introduced to performance documentation in digital and video presentations and discussion. Learn about the differences between the principles of performative work and other art forms in order to recognize this distinctive yet diverse form of expression. This workshop is open to artists working in all art forms who have an open curiosity and who wish to develop their understanding of performance art and related practices. Artists who want to learn how performance work might inform their "regular" practice of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, etc. are encouraged to join.

Painting with Acrylics
Ria Brodell
Weekend Workshop (November 16–17)
Saturday 9 am–4 pm, Sunday 1–4 pm
PAI 1030-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $150.00
In this workshop we will explore the versatile medium of acrylic paint. You will learn fundamental painting skills and techniques while working from still life objects, personal imagery, the Museum of Fine Arts' collection or your own imagination. You will develop your own personal style while learning various methods of paint application, elements of composition, color relationships, how to incorporate mixed media and create a variety of surface textures. You will leave the workshop with a solid foundation in acrylic painting techniques and the ability to use the versatile qualities of acrylics.

Watercolor Bootcamp

Carl Ferrero
Two Weeks (November 2–9)
Saturdays 9 am–4 pm
PAI 1032-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $200.00
This intensive two-week workshop will introduce watercolor painting techniques and concepts to students new to the medium. You will leave the course proficient in the use of watercolor; the class will cover all basics, including creating a portable watercolor easel, tearing paper, paint handling, color mixing, creating washes and gradients, under-drawing, composition, color usage and planning pictures. We will view and discuss innovative watercolors by historical and contemporary artists and learn how to fully exploit the medium in creative and expressive ways.

Family Photographs
Sarah Pollman
Weekend Workshop (November 16–17)
Saturday 9 am–4 pm, Sunday 1–4 pm
PHT 1024-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $150.00
Family photographic archives, some deteriorating, some digital, tell the unique stories of personal history. . In this intensive workshop, we will look at these archives as a research platform for the development of our own voices, transforming the images through analog and digital techniques. We will scan, restore and reshoot, ultimately working digitally to produce a large-scale fine-art print.