Fall 2014 Continuing Education Catalog

Studio Art Classes + Workshops Fall 2014

View the online Fall 2014 Continuing Education catalog or review the remaining fall workshops below:

Map as Art
Heidi Whitman
Weekend Workshop (November 15-16)
Saturday 9 am-4 pm
Sunday 1-4 pm
CRX 1063-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $150

In this two day weekend workshop you'll create collages inspired by maps. Using water-based paint and drawing materials as well as found materials (maps, charts, diagrams, photographs, assorted papers, and text), you'll explore different combinations of media to develop personal imagery. The workshop will include visual presentations, a studio and gallery visit, and class discussion. Open to all levels and abilities.

Step-by-Step: Oil Painting for Beginners
Paola Page
Weekend Workshop (November 15-16)
Saturday 9 am–4 pm
Sunday 1–4 pm
PAI 1141-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $150

This workshop will introduce you to the materials and techniques of painting with oil-based paint. The workshop will begin with demonstrations, followed by individual and group critiques of your work as you learn how to develop a painting from start to finish. Lessons will cover blending and shading, the color wheel, using value, hue and chroma, shapes and composition, as well as the tools of the trade such as brushes, mediums and painting surfaces. Students will be encouraged to energetically explore the lineage of artists who have developed the language of the practice and explore the singularities and ruptures in the practice including the impact of contemporary technologies. Students should expect to enhance their formal vocabulary, including their skills at controlling color and form. There will be regular discussions and group critiques and students will be supported and encouraged to articulate critical views of their work and the work of other painters.

Family Photographs
Sarah Pollman
Weekend Workshop (December 6-7)
Saturday 9 am-4 pm
Sunday 1 -4 pm
PHT 1024-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $ 150

Family photographic archives, some deteriorating, some digital, tell the unique story of personal history. In this intensive workshop, we will look at these archives as a research platform for the development of our own voices, transforming the images through analog and digital techniques. We will scan, restore and reshoot, ultimately working digitally to produce a large-scale fine-art print.

Watercolor Bootcamp
Carl Ferrero
Two Weeks (December 6-13)
Saturdays 9 am-4 pm
PAI 1032-N1
Non-Credit / Tuition: $200

This intensive two-week workshop will introduce watercolor painting techniques and concepts to students new to the medium. You will leave the course proficient in the use of watercolor; the class will cover all basics, including creating a portable watercolor easel, tearing paper, paint handling, color mixing, creating washes and gradients, under-drawing, composition, color usage and planning pictures. We will view and discuss innovative watercolors by historical and contemporary artists and learn how to fully exploit the medium in creative and expressive ways.