SMFA City Studio

A Partnership Program for High School Students.

Boston Public Schools (BPS) + the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA)

City Studio is a studio-based art program that gives BPS students the opportunity to make art while exploring contemporary art and historical art movements. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive one credit towards high school graduation. Upon completion of the Program, students will be awarded scholarships to SMFA's Pre-College Summer Studio, a four-week art program for high school juniors and seniors.

City Studio will engage students by delving deeply into making art and explore how it connects to their lives personally, cultural and creatively. Students will work both collaboratively and individually on developing new skills. Students can expect a comfortable working environment, considerable portfolio development, and to take full advantage of SMFA’s resources. Functioning as an interdisciplinary program, students will develop technical skills in drawing, painting, animation, digital art, sculpture, cartooning, and graphic design. Additionally, through presentations and artist talks from SMFA alumni, students will be introduced to a full range of important and contemporary artwork. This intensive twenty-two week after school program dedicated to constant dialogue, object development, field trips and visits with local artists will ignite the flames of inspiration each student holds within resulting in an invaluable and formative art experience.

2015–2016 City Studio: MAKE ART

Location: School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
230 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115

Schedule: November 2015 through May 2016
Tuesdays: 4–6 pm

Instructor: Jack Neylan (
MFA 2013 (Tufts/SMFA)

Syllabus: TBA