Degrees + Certificates

At SMFA at Tufts, you'll shape your own artistic process by choosing from an expansive range of visual art courses in a wide variety of disciplines.

At the undergraduate level, there is no required foundations program in the studio arts. Instead, with the support of advisors and mentors, you create your own individual course of study. It's a unique and rewarding process that enables you to experiment across media and evolve your art practice as you advance. This approach brings an unusual amount of freedom, and it bears extraordinary fruit: self-confident artists with unique sets of skills and interests, supported by the kind of fearless curiosity that fosters groundbreaking art.

At the graduate level, SMFA's programs allow for exploration, experimentation, and an unusual level of creative responsibility. Graduate students are charged with defining their process, incorporating critiques and faculty feedback, and developing a personal vision for their artistic practice in relation to the world around them. SMFA values its outstanding faculty members, all practicing artists, who are accessible on almost any level, and the School also offers a range of advising and support services.

SMFA is a member of the ProArts Consortium, a collective of seven institutions in the Fenway area dedicated to the visual and performing arts.

To learn more about SMFA's programs, contact the Office of Admissions  at 617-627-3170 or