Departmental Directory

Departmental Directory

SMFA Directory Information

Academic Advising

Leah Gadd (Associate Dean of Undergraduate Advising)
tel: 617.627.0032

​Lindsay Costa (Academic Resource Advisor)
tel: 617.627.0058

 Academic Affairs
tel: 617.627.2000
fax: 617.627.4691

Greg D'Angelo (Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs)

Lisa Bynoe (Associate Director of Graduate Programs)

Julie Boudoukara (Student Records/Services Manager)

Nan Freeman (Director, Diploma Program and Post-Baccalaureate Program)

Clare Saunders (Administrative Assistant)


Caleb Davis (Administrative Director)

tel: 617.627.3170

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Office of Graduate Admissions

Karen Townsend (Director of Admissions)

Angela Jones-O'Brien (Associate Director of Admissions)

Thomas Duncan (Assistant Director of Admissions)

Nathan Wyrick (Assistant Director of Admissions)

Advanced Production Lab
tel: 617.627.0087

Simon Remiszewski (3D Printing & Laser Cutting Technician: Advanced Production Lab)

Laura Beth Reese (Fine Art Print Technician: Advanced Production Lab)

Animation Studio

tel: 617.627.0039

Stephen Decky (Film and Animation Studio Manager)

Art Education (Teacher Licensure Degree Programs)

Susan Barahal (Director of Art Education)

Buildings + Grounds

Arthur (Gunnar) Trenoweth (Senior Facilities Manager)
tel: 617.627.0016

Business Office

tel: 617.627.2000
fax: 617.627.3987

Career Center
tel: 617.627.0076

Ceramics Studio

tel: 617.627.0125

Jason Pacheco (Ceramics and Plaster Technician)

Communications, Public Relations + Marketing

Heidi Brown (Director of Communications)

Jane Carter (Communications Specialist)

Ariana Shirzadi (Communications Specialist)

Continuing Education

tel: 617.627.0057

Phoebe Heyman (Project Coordinator)

Wilkie Cook (Director)

Dean's Office

Nancy Bauer (Dean of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts and Sciences, Professor of Philosophy)

Caleb Davis (Administrative Director to the Dean)

Gregory D'Angelo (Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs)

Terre Daly (Budget Center Director of Operations)

Phoebe Heyman (Project Coordinator)

Clare Saunders (Administrative Assistant)


Nancy Mahler (Senior Director of A&S Development)
tel: 617-627-5483

Anne Cowie (Advancement - A&S Development)
tel: 617-627-0011

Alex Huff (Assistant Director of Development)
tel: 617-627-0013

Paul Kotakis (Associate Director of Development)
tel: 617-627-0036

Alicia Nichols (Development Officer, Medici and Medal Award)
tel: 617-627-0054

Monica Manoski (Development Coordinator)
tel: 617-627-0053

Exhibitions + Public Programs
tel: 617.627.0075

David Thacker (Exhibitions Manager)
tel: 617.627.0023

Kaitlyn Clark (Art Exhibitions Preparator/A.V. Specialist)
tel: 617.627.0047

John Ohrenberger (Program Coordinator)
tel: 617.627.0062

Film Studio

tel: 617.369.3678

Stephen Decky (Film and Animation Studio Manager)

Financial Aid

tel: 617.627.2000
Fax: 617.627.3987

Shaun Thomas (Associate Director of Financial Aid)

Graduate Programs

Mary Ellen Strom,  Director, Master of Fine Arts Program

Erica Ancrum, (Program Coordinator, Graduate Programs)

Lisa Bynoe (Associate Director of Graduate Programs)

Nan Freeman (Professor of the Practice)

Library and Visual Resources

tel: 617.627.0080

Darin Murphy (Head of Fine Arts Library)

Lauren Kimball-Brown (Library Assistant)

Ashley Peterson (Associate Librarian)

Media Services

tel: 617.369.4067

Stephen Bailey (Media Services Assistant)

Media Stockroom

tel: 617.627.0022

Dan O'Connor (Media Stockroom Manager)

Cassie Klos (Media Stockroom Night Supervisor)

Metals Studio

tel: 617.369.3692

Tanya Crane (Metals Technician)

Model Coordinator

tel: 617.369.3619

Phoebe Heyman (Project Coordinator)

Photography Studio

tel: 617.627.0144 (darkroom)

Chris Maliga (Photography Studio Manager)

Print Paper Media Studio

tel: 617.627.0083

Audrey Hsia (Print Paper Media Studio Manager)


tel: 617.627.2000
Fax: 617.627.4691

School Store
tel: 617.627.0049

Terri Nordone (School Store Manager)
Dae Lee (School Store Retail Assistant)

Department of Public and Environmental Safety
tel: 617.627.0088

Walter Bentson (Campus Security Receptionist)

Robert Pedersen (Campus Security Officer)

Darren Weisse (Police Sergeant)

Shuttle Services
SMFA Shuttle Schedule

Shuttle Immediate Questions/Concerns: AA Metro: tel: 774.294.2599
Shuttle email Questions/Concerns: Andrea Breault

Sound Studio

tel: 617.627.0039

Stephen Decky (Film and Animation Studio Manager)

Student Affairs

tel: 617.627.0050
tel: 617.627.3158
fax: 617.627.4691

Counseling and Mental Health Services (office): 617.627.3360
Laura DaRos (Assistant Dean of Student Affairs)
tel: 617.627.0068

Rob Tedesco (Assistant Director of Student Affairs)
tel: 617.627.0037

Student Employment

tel: 617.627.0037

Caleb Davis (Administrative Director to the Dean)
Rob Tedesco (Assistant Director of Campus Life)

Student Services

Shaun Thomas (Associate Director of Financial Aid)
Julie Boudoukara (Student Records/Services Manager)
Colin Buckley (Student Records Coordinator)

Tufts Technology Services

tel: 617.627.0051
tel: 617.627.0052

Greg Mahoney (Manager of Instructional Technology)
tel: 617.627.0027

Video Studio

tel: 617.627.0039

Stephen Decky (Video Studio Manager)

Welding Shop

tel: 617.627.0010

Adam Cowell (Welding Shop Technician)


tel: 617.627.0017

Brad Spavin (Woodshop Technician)