Departmental Directory

SMFA Directory Information

Contacts by Department

Academic Affairs

Phone: 617-369-3833 or 617-369-3612
Fax: 617-369-3093

Writing Center: 617-369-3866
Academic Advising: 617-369-3612


Sarah McKinnon, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School

Greg D'Angelo, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration

Lisa Bynoe, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs

Susan Lush, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Julie Boudoukara, Academic Advisor

Nan Freeman, Director, Diploma Program + Post-Baccalaureate Program

Sarah Hutchinson, Administrative Officer, Academic Affairs

Matthew Girard, Manager of SMFA Instructional Technology

Jackie Williams, Graduate Programs Assistant


Phone: 617-369-3626
Toll-Free: 800-643-6078
Fax: 617-369-4264


Karen Townsend, Vice President and Dean of Enrollment

Angela Jones-O'Brien, Director of Admissions

Chuck Chaney, Admissions Counselor

Thomas Duncan, Admissions Counselor

Nathan Wyrick, Admissions Counselor

Pawel Przewlocki, Admissions Counselor

Chrystine Reilly, Admissions Coordinator

Bill Abbate, Associate Director of Admissions Technology and Operations

Advanced Production Lab

Phone: 617-369-3478


Open, Manager

Alumni Office

Phone: 617-369-3965


Open, Director of Alumni Affairs

Animation Studio

Phone: 617-369-3671

Greg Mahoney, Film and Animation Studio Manager

Art Education (Teacher Licensure Degree Programs)

Susan Barahal, Director of Art Education

Buildings + Grounds

Phone: 617-369-3685
Helpline: 617-369-3071

Arthur (Gunnar) Trenoweth, Director of Campus Facilities

John Vaccaro, Maintenance Superintendant

Business Office

Phone: 617-369-3631
Fax: 617-369-3131


Barbara Donnellan, VP of Business Operations

Rosalyn Nazzaro, Bursar

Eleanor deSalvo, Assistant Bursar

Career Services

Phone: 617-369-3635
Fax: 617-369-3679


Samara Pearlstein, Internship Program Manager

Ceramics Studio

Phone: 617-369-3690

Kaitlyn Clark, Ceramics Technician (Interim)

Communication + Marketing

Phone: 617-369-3391
Fax: 617-369-3091


Patrick Walsh, Digital Manager

Brooke Daniels, Communications Officer

Bill Maass, Graphic Designer

Computer Lab (Mac Lab)

Phone: 617-369-3871

Matthew Girard, Mac Lab Manager

Continuing Education

Phone: 617-369-3644


Erica Ancrum, Program Coordinator


Phone: 617-369-3591
Fax: 617-247-6761


Anne Cowie, Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Alex Huff, Senior Development Officer

Paul Kotakis, Manager of SMFA Annual Programs

Exhibitions + Public Programs

Phone: 617-369-3656
Information Line: 617-369-3718
Fax: 617-369-3856

Kaitlyn Clark, Preparator/A.V. Specialist

Whitney Davis, Exhibition and Programs Coordinator

David Thacker, Gallery Manager

Faculty Department Chairs

For specific faculty contact information, please call 617-369-3833.

Drawing & Painting: Patte Loper

Liberal Arts & Sciences: Hilary Binda (Interim Chair)

Media Arts: Kurt Ralske

Print & Graphic Arts: Jennifer Schmidt

3D & Performance: Megan McMillan

Photography: Claire Beckett (Interim Area Representative)

Faculty Graduate Advisors

For specific faculty contact information, please call 617-369-3833.

Danielle Abrams, Performance

Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Painting

Patty Chang, Video

Mark Cooper, Ceramics

Santiago Cucullu, Painting, Installation

Bonnie Donohue, Photography

Joel Frenzer, Animation

Barbara Gallucci, Sculpture

Jane Gillooly, Film

Nate Harrison, Sound

Patte Loper, Painting

Megan McMillan, Sculpture

Jennifer Schmidt, Print and Paper

John Schulz, Print and Paper

Jeannie Simms, Photography

Carol Stakenas, Curatorial

Mary Ellen Strom, Video

Film Studio

Phone: 617-369-3678

Greg Mahoney, Film and Animation Studio Manager

Financial Aid

Phone: 617-369-3645
Toll-free: 800-776-0135
Fax: 617-369-3041


Shaun Thomas, Director of Financial Aid

Rosemary Willow, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Renee Brown, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Nancy Schofield, Financial Aid Office Assistant

Food Service (Cafe des Arts)

Phone: 617-369-3541

Ahmed Abdalla, Manager

Mechaal Anik, Manager

Human Resources

Phone: 617-369-3413
Job Line: (MFA + SMFA) 617-369-3411
Fax: 617-247-2312

Maureen O'Reilly, Human Resources Representative

Library and Visual Resources

Phone: 617-369-3650


Darin Murphy, Director of Library Services and Visual Resources

Lauren Kimball-Brown, Library Associate, Access Services and Collections Maintenance

Ashley Peterson, Librarian

Media Services

Phone: 617-369-4067

Stephen Bailey, Media Services Coordinator

Media Stockroom

Phone: 617-369-3674

Daniel O'Connor, Media Stockroom Manager

Laura Beth Reese, Assistant Stockroom Manager

Metals Studio

Phone: 617-369-3692

Marielle Sinclair, Metals Shop Technician

Mission Hill Building

Front Desk Guard: 617-427-7460
Pay Phone: 617-427-7104

Model Coordinator

Phone: 617-369-3689

Jackie Williams, Model Coordinator

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Phone: 617-267-9300

Parking Garage

Phone: 617-369-3657

Performance Studio

Phone: 617-369-3883

Photography Studio

Phone: 617-369-3616

Chris Maliga, Photography Studio Manager

President's Office

Phone: 617-369-3581
Fax: 617-424-6271

Christopher Bratton, President

Anne Cowie, Vice President, Institutional Advancement and External Relations

Christine Willis, Executive Assistant to the President

Printmaking Studio

Phone: 617-369-4018

Emily Lombardo, Printmaking Studio Technician

Institutional Research

Phone: 617-369-4292
Fax: 617-424-6271

Mary Roetzel, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research

Tom Thornton, Database Administrator


Phone: 617-369 3621
Fax: 617-541-0920


Leah Gadd, Registrar

Brooke Tobey, Associate Registrar

Melissa Gibson, Assistant Registrar

Brittany Gray, Assistant Registrar

School Store

Phone: 617-369-3688


Terri Nordone, School Store Manager

Dae Won Lee, School Store Assistant Manager

Sculpture Studio

Phone: 617-369-4248

Caroline Politi, Sculpture Studio Manager


Phone: 617-369-3680

Walter Bentson, Security Guard

Mike Mullaney, Security Guard

Silkscreen Studio

Phone: 617-369-4079

Sound Studio

Phone: 617-369-4109

Stephen Decky, Sound Studio Manager

Student Affairs

Phone: 617-369-3803
Fax: 617-369-4264

Counseling and Mental Health Services (office) 617-369-3717


Robert Chambers, Vice President and Dean of Students

Holly Gould, Assistant Director of Residential Life

Whitney Wotkyns, Assistant Director of Student Life

Rob Tedesco, Coordinator of Student Activities

Student Employment

Phone: 617-369-3645

Renee Brown, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Jackie Williams, Model Coordinator

Tufts University

Phone: 617-628-5000
Tufts Shuttle: 781-369-2500

Video Studio

Phone: 617-369-3672

Stephen Decky, Video Studio Manager

Welding Shop

Phone: 617-369-3719

Adam Cowell, Welding Shop Technician


Phone: 617-369-3696

Brad Spavin, Faculty and Woodshop Technician

Greg Lookerse, MH Woodshop Technician