Fall 2014 Drawing Show

The Painting Area offers a diverse selection of courses that build technical, critical, and conceptual skills with the goal of engaging contemporary painting practices in an interdisciplinary, historical, and theoretical manner. We believe in the importance of developing an individual point of view fostered by creative play and constructive criticism, while fostering awareness of painting's relationship to art history and contemporary visual cultures. Students are encouraged to move through the painting curriculum from beginning to advanced levels, building skills and developing concept and voice. Students may choose to focus on representation, abstraction, or painting and technology and are encouraged to mix classes from other areas to form an interdisciplinary practice. Our goal is to enable you to pursue rigorous self-directed work.

Facilities include studios with natural light and individual studios for intermediate and advanced work.

Sample classes include:

Strategies of Representation
Painting Space
Advance Portrait Painting: Subject and Subjectivity
Color Theory Study and Practice

Drawing and Painting faculty information

SMFA's Drawing area fosters visual investigation through the practice of drawing and encompasses a variety of courses representing a range of methods, sources, and dialogues. A full complement of courses emphasizes the translation and observation of relationships within the figure and objects in three-dimensional space, while advanced courses engage students in the integration of new media, development of narrative, broadening their range of materials, and the development of ideas for self-directed projects. In addition to learning a combination of visual ideas along with the application of differing materials, techniques, and strategies, critique is used as a platform for interaction and students present work for both formal and interpretive analysis during several stages of production.                 

Facilities include large studios featuring natural light that can accommodate work ranging from the miniature to the monumental.

Sample classes include:

Observational Figure Drawing
Experimental Approaches: Bumps On the Wall
Drawing Dialogue
Advanced Drawing & Technology

Drawing and Painting Faculty information