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Burton LeGeyt is a guitarmaker living and working in Brookline, MA. He received his BFA in drawing and art history from Pratt Institute in 1999 and soon began focusing on working in wood and instrument building. He has been building and repairing steel string guitars professionally since 2005 and his guitars are played by working musicians worldwide.

In his work Burton focuses heavily on crafting the tonal response to fit the needs of the intended musician. He subjects the wood and the components to strength and resonance tests to optimize their potential in the finished instrument and focuses heavily on specific construction techniques to ensure the highest quality and repairability in his guitars. Aesthetically he is influenced by the smaller guitars of the 1800s, by American Industry in the early 1900s, and by sacred geometry as used to design the body shapes and curves of his instruments. Examples of his work and thoughts can be found at www.legeytguitars.com.
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