Leadership + Mission


The mission of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University is to provide an education in the fine arts—for artists at all levels—that is interdisciplinary and self-directed. This education values cultural, artistic and intellectual diversity; it embraces a wide range of media; it stresses the development of individual vision and its relation to culture in general; it values equally the knowledge gained by thinking and doing; it is deeply engaged with the world as a whole. If the mission is constant, its practice is always transforming.


SMFA Board of Advisors
Annette Born
Sandra Moose
Pedro Alonzo
Lucille Aptekar
Julie Callaghan
Catherine Creighton
Carol Daynard
Lee Doyle
Todd Finard
Joseph Freeman
Abigail Goodman
Nicholas Greville
Cathryn Griffith
Lorie Hamermesh
David Handlin
Portia Harcus
Melville Hodder
Susan Kaplan
Katherine Kirk
Francesca Piper Koss
Judith Larsen
Anthony Lucas
Norma Lopez
Ann Macomber
Jen Mergel
Faith Michaels
Robert Nagle
Linda Pagani
Robert Remis
Chris Rifkin
Jessie Rubenstein
Ruth Scheer
Demetra Taleghani
Lisbeth Tarlow
Jeannie Suk