Submitting Your Portfolio   

You may choose one of the following three methods of submitting your electronic portfolio. Your portfolio must consist of 1015 recent examples of your work (still imagery) and/or up to 10 minutes of time-based work. We have no specific requirements regarding content or media. Please show us pieces that represent your unique voice. Note: Your application must be in process before you submit your portfolio.
  1. Submit a CD / DVD / USB (additional instructions below).
  2. Provide a URL with content clearly labeled as your SMFA portfolio. Type the URL in the space provided on the online application.
  3. Upload images to our online portfolio submission portal: Please follow directions provided once you register.

Preparing Your Electronic Portfolio (still imagery) on CD / DVD / USB
  • All images must be submitted as individual JPEG files or in a non-timed PowerPoint.
  • All JPEG file names must list your last name, first name, and then a two-digit number that corresponds with your portfolio inventory list (for example: SmithJohn01.jpg).
  • Each image file must be no larger than 2MB and in cross-platform format (both Mac and PC compatible).
  • Test your disc or USB before sending and include only those files that you wish to be reviewed.

Preparing Your Electronic Time-Based Portfolio (video, film, animation, performance, and installation work) on DVD / USB
  • We accept work that is finalized in QuickTime (preferred), MPEG, or Flash files and in cross-platform format (both Mac and PC compatible).
  • Titles of the piece(s) and your name must be included in the introduction of your work on the DVD.
  • Include a brief description of the work, what part you took in it, and when it was created in your portfolio inventory list.
  • If a piece is a collaborative work, briefly explain your contribution in your portfolio inventory list.
  • Limit time-based presentations to no longer than 10 minutes.
CDs, DVDs and USBs may be mailed to:

Admissions Office
230 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115