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1/28/16–​"On Exactitude in Science," January 28–March 6, featuring Jennifer Bornstein, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Jumana Manna, Elizabeth McAlpine​ and guest curated by Dina Deitsch
3/2/16–2016 Boston Globe Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Announced, presented by SMFA
4/21/16–2016 Cyclorama Show: Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, May 17–20
5/2/16–2016 Commencement
5/23/16–2016 Medal Award Gala Honoring Mona Hatoum, May 23


1/29/15–​"Permanent War: The Age of Global Conflict," January 29–March 7, guest curated by Pamela Allara
2/17/15–Of Color: 2014–15 Graduate Colloquium, February 17
3/7/15–2015 Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and Exhibition
5/11/15–The Cyclorama Show: Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, May 11–14
5/17/15–Jordan Kretchmer of Livefyre Named 2015 Commencement Speaker
5/18/15–​SMFA Honors John Baldessari at 2015 Medal Award Gala, May 18
8/24/15–​SMFA Announces 2016 Traveling Fellows
9/16/15–2015–16 Graduate Colloquium: For Giving Time
9/17/15–SMFA Presents "Raqs Media Collective: Luminous Will," September 17–October 17, 2015
12/22/15 - SMFA to Become Part of Tufts University. Collection of press releases and letters to our community.


11/20/14–2014 SMFA Art Sale Returns November 20–23
9/22/14–2015 SMFA Traveling Fellows Announced
9/9/14–"Reverb: New Art from Greece," September 9–October 18, 2014
8/25/14–LG Announces School Finalists for Art of the Pixel Contest Including SMFA Student Daniel Barreto
8/23/14–​"Shinique Smith: Bright Matter" SMFA Alumna Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, August 23, 2014–March 1, 2015​
7/1/14–SMFA Sponsoring LG's Art of the Pixel Contest
6/18/14–SMFA Joins President Obama's Maker Movement Initiative
5/19/14–2014 Medal Award Gala Honoring Sarah Sze, May 19
5/18/14–2014 SMFA Commencement Speaker: Malcolm Rogers, Ann and Graham Gund Director of the MFA
5/13/14–"The Cyclorama Show: Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, SMFA, Boston," May 13–18, 2014
4/19/14–Traveling Fellow Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: "Evelyn Rydz: Forever Yours"
2/6/2014–"SMFA Faculty Exhibition," February 6–March 15, 2014
2/27/2014–2014 SMFA Graduate Open Studios, February 27+28, 2014
3/7/2014–SMFA Announces the 2014 Boston Globe Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
3/17/14–SMFA Collaborates with Latino Art Beat on National Youth Film Competition


9/10/2013–SMFA Presents "Dilated Biography: Contemporary Cuban Narratives," September 10–October 19, 2013
9/1/2013–SMFA Announces 2014 SMFA Traveling Fellows
7/1/2013–Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition - July 2013
6/1/2013–SMFA Faculty Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons to Represent Cuba at the 2013 Venice Bienale
6/1/2013–Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions - June 2013
5/20/2013–18th Annual Medal Award Gala Honoring Glenn Ligon, May 20
5/19/2013–2013 Commencment Speaker: Art Critic and Curator, Hou Hanru
5/17/2013–SMFA 2013 Commencement Kick-off Party, May 17
5/11–10/27/2013–Traveling Fellow Exhibition at the Musuem of Fine Arts, "Ridley Howard: Fields and Stripes"
5/10+11/2013–Spring Sidewalk Sale May 10+11, Support Art Students
5/1/2013–Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions - May 2013
4/20/2013–SMFA Professional Practices Class Pop-Up Show, "SOMETHINGS, " April 20
4/12/2013—SMFA is Named Massachusetts Affiliate for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
4/1/2013–Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions - April 2013
3/13/2013–2013–14 Springborn Fellowships Announced
3/8+9/2013–Third Annual Graduate Open Studios, March 8+9, 2013
3/5/2013–Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions - March 2013
2/20/2013–"FRIGID PHRASES," an outdoor, public art word game created by SMFA graduate students, February 20
1/30/2013–"Histories of Now: A Space for Dialogue, Art and Activism," January 30–March 12, 2013
1/15/2013–SMFA Announces City Studio, a Partnership with Boston Public Schools


11/29/2012–The Museum School Art Sale, November 29–December 2
10/25/2012–Mnemonic Performance by Katrina Chamberlin in Conjunction with "Something Along Those Lines," October 
9/13/2012–"Something Along Those Lines," September 13–November 3, 2012
9/10/2012–2013 SMFA Traveling Fellows Announced
6/13/2012–2012–13 Springborn Fellows Announced
5/22/2012–17th Annual Medal Award Gala Honoring Lalla Essaydi, May 22
5/20/2012–Artist Lalla Essaydi Named 2012 Commencement Speaker
5/19/2012–"MEDIUM WITHOUT MEASURE," featuring award recipients, graduating students and Senior Thesis participants, May 19–June 2
5/11/2012–SMFA Spring Sidewalk Sale, May 11 + 12
5/3/2012–Proof of Purchase at Samsøn, May 3–6, 2012
4/7/2012–"SMFA Traveling Scholars," April 7–May 5, 2012
4/2/2012–SMFA Launches Partnership with Kickstarter
3/30/2012–Spring 2012 Graduate Colloquium: "Artists Collectives and Artistic Collectivism," March 30 
3/27/2012–"Forms in Flux: A Collaboration Between Aichi University and SMFA," March 27–April 21, 2012
3/2/2012–SMFA Grad Open Studios, March 2 + 3
3/1/2012–2012 SMFA Traveling Fellows Announced
2/16/2012–SMFA Announces New Dean of the School, Sarah M. McKinnon
1/18/2012–"Histories of Now: Six Artists from Cairo", January 18–March 17


12/8/2011–The Museum School Art Sale, December 8–11, 2011
9/13/2011–"Disponible: A Kind of Mexican Show" featuring eight Mexican contemporary artists, September 13–November 19, 2011
5/23/2011–16th Annual Medal Award Gala Honoring Susan W. Paine, May 23, 2011
5/22/2011–Curator and Critic Okwui Enwezor Named 2011 Commencement Speaker
5/6/2011–2011 Spring Sidewalk Sale, May 6 + 7
5/4/2011–2011 SMFA Traveling Fellows Announced
4/26/2011–2011–12 Springborn Fellows Announced
4/1/2011–Graduate Colloquium: "From Appropriation to Infiltration: Techniques for Accessing Public Through Tactical Media"
3/30/2011–"Fifth Year Exhibition 2011" and "SMFA Traveling Scholars" on view together for the first time at SMFA, March 30–April 30, 2011
              –Images for "Fifth Year Exhibition 2011"
              –Images for "SMFA Traveling Scholars"
2/10/2011–2011 "Student Annual Exhibition," February 10–March 3, 2011


SMFA Announces New President, Chris Bratton

11/17/2010–The Museum School Art Sale, Celebrating its 30th Year, November 17–21, 2010
11/17/2010–The Museum School Art Sale Press Images
10/21/2010–2010–11 Springborn Fellows Announced
10/14//2010–Proof of Purchase, hosted by Samsøn, October 14–17, 2010
9/1/2010–"Faculty Show: David Davison, Mags Harries, and Warren Mather," September 1–October 16, 2010
5/23/2010–Alumna and Filmmaker Cindy Kleine Named 2010 Commencement Speaker
5/1/2010–15th Annual Medal Award Gala, Honoring Alumnus Omer Fast, May 1, 2010
4/12/2010–2010 Graduate Colloquium: Re-Imaging Home: A Site for Personal and Social Transformation
4/10/2010–"SMFA Traveling Scholars" Images
4/10/2010–"SMFA Traveling Scholars," April 10–May 31, 2010 at the Foster Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
3/31/2010– "Fifth Exhibition 2010," March 31–May 1, 2010
3/31/2010– "Fifth Year Exhibition 2010" Images
2/11/2010–"2010 Student Annual Exhibition," February 11–March 3, 2010


11/18/09–InsideOut 2009 Image Sheet
11/18/09–InsideOut: The Museum School Art Sale, November 18-22, 2009
10/4/09–SMFA Hosting 2009 Boston National Portfolio Day
9/2/09–Faculty Show: Fritz Buehner, Erica Daborn, William Flynn, John Schulz and Yoshiko Yamamoto
5/14/09–"ConEdCongeries": Third annual CE exhibition
5/14/09–"Senior Projects 2009" Exhibition
5/8/09–2009 Spring Sidewalk Sale fact sheet
5/1/09–Artist Domingo Barreres Named 2009 Commencement Speaker
4/18/09–14th Annual Medal Award Honoring Alex Katz
4/10/09–"Fifth Year Exhibition 2009"
3/28/09–"2009 SMFA Traveling Scholars"
1/26/09–"2009 Student Annual Exhibition"
1/1/09–Work by Museum School Faculty Members on View January 2009


10/28/08–InsideOut: The Museum School Art Sale Images
9/24/08–InsideOut: The Museum School Art Sale, November 19-23, 2008
8/1/08–"Shifting Perspectives: Esteban Pastorino Daz"
6/17/08–The Second Annual Continuing Education Exhibition, "ceX: The Some of Us"
5/23/08–Medal Award Honoree Julian Schnabel Inspires $285K Gift to the SMFA
4/25/08–Commencement 2008
4/17/08–"Senior Projects 2008" Exhibition
3/13/08–2008 Medal Award Honoring Julian Schnabel
2/25/08 "Fifth Year Exhibition 2008"
1/18/08–"Student Annual Exhibition" 2008
1/1/08–"SMFA Traveling Scholars"


12/13/07–2008 Whitney Biennial Alumni Participants
10/16/07–December Sale 2007
8/9/07–"America's Paradise" and "Isla Del Encanto": Contemporary Art from the American Caribbean
5/16/07–Decent Exposure
5/7/07–Commencement 2007
4/20/07–Medal Award press release
4/15/07–Senior Project Exhibition
4/15/07–Spring Sidewalk Sale 2007
4/13/07–Fifth Year Exhibition 2007
4/2/07–Northeastern University and SMFA Announce Joint Degree Programs
1/29/07–SMFA Traveling Scholars


10/11/06–December Sale 2006
8/17/06–December Sale 2006 fact sheet
7/20/06–Lois Mailou Jones: The Early Works: 1927-1937
4/26/06–Commencement 2006
1/17/06–SMFA Traveling Scholars