There are two sessions of SMFA Studio art classes this summer at our 230 Fenway campus:

Session 1 - May 24 through June 30
Session 2 - July 5 through August 11

Please note: Studio Art Courses last the full five week semester, meet for 45 hours or more, and can be taken for credit or not.  Intensives and workshops are fewer hours and not for credit classes.

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SMFA Summer Studio Art Courses

SMFA Summer Intensives and Workshops

Note: If you are a Tufts or SMFA student (have a SIS login), you can register yourself for classes in SIS


Tuition is priced according to the Tufts Summer Session rates and varies depending on the student’s degree program and status. Please refer to the Tufts Summer Session website for more details.

Summer Session courses – 2 credits (0.5 Tufts credits)

Undergraduate students: $1,400
This rate applies to Tufts University undergraduates, SMFA BFA students and visiting undergraduates from other universities. Courses are taken for credit.

Audit students: $1,000
This rate applies to those not enrolled in a degree program at Tufts or elsewhere. Courses are not taken for credit. Most students will pay this rate, including students in one of our certificate programs. Students in a degree program may enroll at the audit rate but will not receive credit. Courses taken at the audit rate can be counted toward the Illustration or the Graphic Design Certificate.

Graduate Students: $2,495

We offer some discounts on summer session courses for Tufts and SMFA alumni as well as for veterans and Mission Hill community members. Please refer to the Tufts Summer Session website for more details.

Workshops & Intensives
Tuition is  based on workshop length. There are no discounts on tuition for workshops & intensives.

Course Hours & Tuition
40-49 Hours     $1,000
30-39 Hours        $800
20-29 Hours        $600
10-19 Hours        $400
1-9 Hours            $200


Application Fee
All non-Tufts students pay an application fee of $60 (charged once per semester) for session length courses.

Materials Fee
Some courses include a materials fee to help cover the cost of materials and/or models that are used by all students. These vary by course and range from $0 to $120. These fees are in addition to supplies and materials that the instructor may ask students to bring and are not intended to cover everything a student may need for the class or workshop.

Certificate Program 

Please note that our Summer Session courses (not intensives and workshops) count towards SMFA CE certificate programs.These may also count towards professional development points for teachers.

For refund policies, please see the Tufts Summer Session website.
Please contact if you have questions.

Summer 2017

Session 1
Wednesday, May 24 First day of Session 1
Monday, May 29, Memorial Day Holiday - No classes
Friday, June 30, Last day of Session 1

Session 2
Wednesday, July 5, First day of Session 2
Friday, August 11, Last day of Session 2 

All other important dates follow the Tufts' academic calendar