Student activities at the Museum School vary from one year to the next, but we guarantee that your creative initiative will be given the support and resources necessary to make it happen.

SBInc. (Student Body Incorporated) is student-run group that supports clubs, groups, events and more proposed by the student community. ANY student may submit a proposal to SBInc. members, who then vote to approve the idea and determine funding.

Some SBInc. sponsored clubs and events include:

     B.A.R.F (Bikes are Really Fun)
     SMFA Rhinotones
     Society for Urban Exploration
     SMFA Recycling
     HFC (Horror Film Club)
     All-school Lunches
     Thanksgiving Potluck

Want to get involved? SBInc. meets Wednesdays, 12:30 pm in Room A207. (Note: you must attend three consecutive meetings to become a voting member).

Have an idea for a club, group, event or something else? Attend a SBInc. meeting or visit the Student Affairs office for more information.