Welcome to the 2016 Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!

Announcing the 2016 Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!
Congratulations! And thank you to all who participated. We received over 15,000 entries in Art, and about 2,500 writing entries. We had over 50 judges who looked at or read the entries, and had to make hard choices based on the 3 criteria: originality, technical skill, and personal vision. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give awards to all of the talented artists who applied. Whether you won an award or not, we hope you will continue to create and share your ideas.

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What do I need to do if I won an award? What do I get?
All awardees will receive a certificate for each award mailed to the home address they listed upon registration. Additionally, all Gold and Silver Key winners will receive a Gold or Silver Key pin mailed to their home. Gold Key work will go electronically to New York to compete against all the other Gold Key work from around the country for National Medals. Medalists will be notified by the National Office in Mid-March. (You don’t need to do anything to make this happen).

Gold and Silver Key winners will be invited to a ceremony at the Museum of Fine Arts on March 12, 2016. Keep an eye on your inboxes for directions about tickets. Gold Key winners' work will be featured at an exhibition at EF, Education First, from March 5–20. Gold Key winners in Art should look at the tab on this page for directions. (Gold Key winners in writing don't have further tasks).

How was the work judged?
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have always been judged on the same criteria:

Originality: Work that breaks from convention, blurs the boundaries between genres, and challenges notions of how a particular concept or emotion can be expressed.

Technical Skill: Work that uses technique to advance an original perspective or a personal vision or voice, and show skills being utilized to create something unique, powerful, and innovative.

Personal Vision or Voice: Work with an authentic and unique point of view and style.

All work is judged blindly, meaning the judge does not know what school the student attends, the student's name, race, gender, or any other information about the student. The Scholastic Awards believes in Freedom of Expression. No work will be rejected based on controversial content.