Policies and procedures at an institution as complex as SMFA at Tufts University are regularly under review and subject to revision. Below are links to details about the SMFA at Tufts programs and policies. Additional information can be found on the Tufts University Consumer Information page.

The following are general consumer information subject areas, which provide links to references, reports and additional details.


National Association of Schools of Art and Design – Accreditations Review
Over the next several years, National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) will be conducting a comprehensive review of its accreditation standards. NASAD looks forward to receiving comments during this period of comprehensive review. Your assistance is requested and would be appreciated.

Academic Affairs

Academic and Studio Programs
Institutional and Program Accreditation
Transfer of Credits
Academic Partnerships
Instructional and studio facilities (campus resources)
Textbook information (course search)
Syllabi information (secure logon only)
Academic Integrity 
Facilities and Services Available to Students with Disabilities

Health and Safety

Crime statistics, crime log, and fire safety report
Health and Wellness Services
Vaccination Policy and immunization requirements
Missing Student Policy 

Tuition, Costs, and Financial Aid

For information on grants, student loans, loan cancellation, deferment, consolidation and forbearance, please go to SMFA at Tufts Financial Aid/Scholarships.

Student Outcomes

For current data on student outcomes, please check Tufts University Consumer Information.

Retention Rate
Completion/Graduation & Transfer Out Rates
Placement in Employment/Graduate & Professional Education Enrollment
Master of Arts in Teaching

Other Information

Voter Registration
Student Activities/Student Life
Computer Use and File Sharing—see student handbook
College Navigator
SMFA Student Handbook 
Student Diversity