The Springborn Fellowship is the most prestigious undergraduate award at the SMFA. Established by Dr. Robert and Carolyn Springborn (BFA '76) to recognize students who have proven themselves to be excellent and highly motivated artists, the award provides tuition, fees, and living expenses of $25,000 to two individual undergraduate students.

2017 Dates
Intention to Apply: Email Shaun Thomas by 3/31/17 Deadline Extended
Drop-Off: April 3, 10am - 4pm
Pick-Up: April 5, 10am - 4pm
Location: Grossman Gallery

Applicants must be:

  • Enrolled in the BFA or Diploma program, full-time
  • Enrolled for the fall of 2017 in their second, third, or fourth year of study

To apply, send an email by March 31 at 5 pm to Shaun Thomas with your intention to apply. Use "Springborn Fellow" for the subject heading and in the body, include your name, phone number, and email address.

Following a review by the Financial Aid Office for eligibility, you will be invited to apply.

If you are invited to apply, your submission must include an artist statement and two (2) original works. Time-based, 2-D, and 3-D work will be accepted. Please include a digital image and proper credit information for each piece. A three person independent jury will meet in April to review the submissions and awards will be announced immediately thereafter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shaun Thomas.