Student life at the SMFA at Tufts is complemented by services, resources, and support systems, many of which are handled by the Student Affairs office. The Student Affairs staff is available to counsel students on a variety of matters pertaining to student life and personal matters. The main objective of the department is as follows:

The Office of Student Affairs supports all aspects of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts student experience. In particular, Student Affairs seeks to enrich students' educational experience outside of the classroom. It provides a range of co-curricular programs, services, and opportunities meant to promote artistic, personal, and professional development.

Students are encouraged to contact Student Affairs about:

  • Housing (on and off campus) and residence life
  • Career questions
  • Study abroad and exchange opportunities
  • AICAD Mobility Program
  • Student Government
  • Counseling and Mental Health Service (CMHS)
  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Withdrawal information
  • Leave of Absence information
  • mySMFA account support
  • International student advising
  • And much more!

Student Affairs
phone: 617-627-0050

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Laura DaRos

Assistant Director for Student Affairs
Rob Tedesco

SMFA life is living in a brownstone in one of the eclectic neighborhoods around campus. It's wandering through the SoWa markets for funky finds. It's checking out a gallery opening before stopping into a local venue for some tunes. It’s sharing  homemade meals at Café Des Arts, SMFA's campus restaurant.

Ultimately, it's about growing and thriving among peers in the collaborative, sharing artist community that is Boston—where everyone is like you, and no one is like you. Search through Time Out Boston's ultimate guide to the city »

SBInc. is an organization that is here to help and support students during their studies at SMFA. It is an organization devoted to the student government of the school and the representation of students. The fundamental mission of SBInc. is to:

Implement and coordinate the direct, active, and effective voice of students at SMFA in all matters pertinent to the student body and promote a progressive, inclusive, experimental, and democratic environment.

Students can run for a variety of positions in student government. There are five committees you can be on:

  • Faculty Senate
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Exhibitions and Programs Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Technology Committee

There are also five positions for leadership in the board that you can run for, including:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Student Groups Lead

All information regarding elections and requirements is available at Student Affairs. Come and check us out!

If you have a club on campus you want to register, you can do that through Student Affairs as well. Any full-time student is able to register a club. Forms are available at Student Affairs.

Student Activities at SMFA vary each year—we guarantee that your creative initiative will be given the support and resources necessary to make it happen. The mission of Student Activities is as follows:

In order to engage students of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts outside of the classroom and provide a safe space for their activities, Student Activities exists to give students the opportunity to actively shape their own school experience, through planned events, activities, and student leadership opportunities. The students of SMFA will also be exposed to new experiences that will allow them to grow as artists in their community.

The activities that are run by Student Affairs have the following objectives:

  1. Students will demonstrate an integration of academic, social, cultural, and personal developmental progress through increasingly autonomous navigation of the school by the end of their first semester.
  2. Students will seek and engage in at least two deep friendships or group experiences each year that has a sustained impact on the understanding of their own identity and their connectedness to others.
  3. Students display heightened social responsibility and move towards active citizenship by participating at least once a year in a volunteer activity.
  4. Students use a comprehensive view of leadership to identify and advance their personal leadership within the SMFA community by being involved with at least one aspect of the Student Government on campus each semester.
  5. Students develop the capacity to identify and appropriately use resources available to them for achieving and sustaining physical and emotional throughout the school year as necessary.

Civic engagement at SMFA has a long history. It is grounded in creative investigation, risk-taking, individual vision, and the school's interdisciplinary methodology. By connecting art practice to social values, we become active participants in the communities that are important to us. This positive engagement promotes the vitality of communities, and can lead to the transformation of our world. Taking on many forms, civic engagement at SMFA permeates faculty curriculum, student initiatives and additional programming.

Select partnerships include:

  • Americorps
  • Boston Arts Academy
  • Boys and Girls Club of Boston
  • Cambridge Arts Council
  • Fenway Alliance
  • Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service
  • Massachusetts Campus Compact
  • Mission Main
  • New Orleans Women's Artists Collective

The Career Center provides resources and support for students to engage in artistic research, projects, internships, and other initiatives that contribute to the vitality of communities, both domestic and abroad.

Contact Us
Phone: 617-627-3299