Toshiki Yashiro, Rhythm No 4, 2014. Archival pigment print.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Tufts University
The SMFA/Tufts BFA program provides the opportunity to combine an in-depth, rigorous liberal arts education at Tufts University with intensive studio arts training at SMFA. Students are considered to be fully enrolled at both schools, and graduate with a BFA degree from Tufts University. A wide array of art history courses are offered on the SMFA campus, allowing you to begin your academic studies while enrolled in a concentrated studio program. The studio curriculum in the BFA program is entirely elective; you are free to select the courses, faculty members, and community resources deemed most important to your artistic development.

In the SMFA/Tufts BFA program, students complete 76 credits of studio art, plus 14 academic courses:

  • 5 courses in art history
  • 1 in social sciences
  • 2 in English writing
  • 1 in culture or language
  • 1 in the humanities
  • 1 in science/technology
  • 3 electives

Application Requirements


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with Northeastern University
Students may also consider the BFA in Studio Art with Northeastern, a partnership between SMFA and Northeastern University that brings together the School’s world-class instruction in contemporary and fine arts with Northeastern’s innovative approach to Art + Design.

Distinct from the Tufts program, students who choose this five-year option apply to Northeastern directly, and enjoy the benefits of the valuable co-op year, close proximity to the SMFA campus, and a variety of global study programs. For additional information, contact Admissions at Northeastern's College of Art, Media and Design. 

Combined Degree Program, BFA + BA/BS
The Combined Degree program is a unique dual degree program offered in conjunction with Tufts University. This demanding program is specifically designed for students intending to pursue their art and academic interests to the fullest possible extent. Upon completion of this program, you will graduate with two degrees from Tufts: a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in a major of your choice and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This five-year program makes it possible for you to refine and focus your studies in an academic field and to cultivate your fine arts abilities.